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7 Day Hormone Retreat
forthe woman in, before and after the change

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels
Do you already have control over your hormones?
or are your hormones still controlling you!

“Ever heard of Lucy Liu, Cameron Díaz and Drew Barrymore?

True! These are actresses, each individually or collectively known as the “Charlie’s Angels”. Who doesn't know the legendary film with the 3 agents around Bosley and Charlie...

Decades later, I came across the three angels somewhere else, namely in a book...

A book that was to be both an eye-opener and a bible for me. “Eye opener”; because I support and accompany women in finding their personal path through the menopause.

And “Bible” because it is finally time to remove outdated, outdated or simply not true beliefs about the mystery of “climacteric” from your image of women.

moreover; "Man" you too will change, but a little later the hour will come that will turn everything in your life upside down again.

One thing can be revealed in advance; Lucy Liu, Cameron Díaz and Drew Barrymore, our 3 Charlie's Angels, represent our hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and their changeability, especially around women.


... and this is exactly where our journey together begins in coaching, in workshops, in retreats, in online training!


At this point I would like to return to the book mentioned at the beginning and never tire of thanking you.

Dr. med. Sheila de Liz - gynecologist and best-selling author of "Woman on Fire" - All about the fabulous menopause - to thank.

Dear Sheila de Liz, I would like to dedicate this wonderful retreat to you, whose namesake you unconsciously and unknowingly became, because your comparison of female hormones with Charlie's Angels gave me the wonderful idea,


this retreat Charlie's Angels  to name.

“Charlie's Angels"
Curtain up for our hormone stars-

Cameron Diaz_edited.jpg

al. progesterone

Progesterone is produced in the second half of the cycle, after ovulation.Cameron thus preparing the living room in the uterine cavity for the implantation of one

fertilized egg.

Estrogen dehydrates the body and thus relieves sore breasts

before the period.

Estrogen docks on the so-called

GABA receptors in the brain, and consequently relaxes us, gives us peace

hence deep, restful sleep.

Last but not least, estrogen brings us,  the calm you need in everyday life.

The dark side shows itself in withdrawal and brooding as a result of too much progesterone.


al. estrogen

In our comparison isDrew our estrogen, the hormone of femininity par excellence. The hormone of curves, romance, tango on a warm summer night and drama.

Estrogen is mentally and psychologically responsible for some of what we call “typical women”: the need to provide for everyone, the pursuit of beauty and making oneself pretty, and the desire to have a family of one’s own.

The “dark” side of estrogen torments us by constantly comparing and comparing our surroundings, whether we are pretty/smart/good enough, and is also responsible for the stupid habit of placing a lot of value on the opinions of others.

As adults, we have at some point developed tools to counteract this, but during puberty it is anything but fun when self-confidence takes a hit due to the physical changes on the one hand and the flood of estrogen on the other.

Lucy Liu_edited_edited.jpg

al. testosterone

TheLucy Liu-Hormone testosterone is the least popular of the three among men.

Testosterone is produced in the ovary, however

also produced in the adrenal cortex along with estrogen and

oscillates in the cycle with the

Fluctuations in estrogen.

Testosterone helps build muscle.

Improving the basal metabolic rate, i.e. improving metabolism, is responsible for energy and an athletic figure, influences our decision-making ability and assertiveness and stands for our libido.

Because it resonates with estrogen and increases accordingly around ovulation, it helps ignite a fire within us so we feel sexy around ovulation.

This also results in the desire for socializing around ovulation.

We find people more interesting over time, react to a man or a smell,

that we find sexy.

Hardly any woman escapes the curiosity cabinet of menopause symptoms. Our image of perimenopause is hopelessly outdated and urgently needs a makeover.

... Light, heavy, or irregular bleeding

... hot flashes/night sweats

...Development or reinforcement of fears


... Sleep disorders

... cotton wool in the brain, difficulty thinking/remembering

... hair loss

... Itchy skin, hives, neurodermatitis, eczema

... joint pain

... migraines/headaches

... cardiac arrhythmias

... Frequent bladder infections

... Constant urge to urinate at night

... tinnitus/hearing loss

...weight gain, especially around the middle

... loss of libido

...pain during sex

... Burning, itchy vagina, strange discharge

... PMS from limbo

... dizzy spells

... mood swings

... dryness of the eyes


How are your adrenal glands?

What symptoms accompany adrenal fatigue?

How well do you care for your Hormone palace?

How do you deal with sweet or salty cravings?

You can get all the answers to the sensations of menopause and how you can deal with them in our 7-day hormone retreat.

Charlie's Angels

Luxuriöses Zuhause

What does the retreat offer in detail:

Your home is a breathtaking villa, located directly by the sea, in one of the most beautiful places in the world... with an infinity pool of course. Alternatively, we cruise the Croatian islands with the Amalija, a small cruise ship chartered especially for us. So as soon as you get off the plane, you don't have to worry about anything anymore. 

You are now the most important person in your life and we at BRAINFOODMOVES can take care of that.

The best coaches in nutrition and neuroscience and selected movement therapists are on board.

We have put together a proven program that not only promises balance in terms of imparting knowledge about the vital pillars BRAIN, FOOD, MOVES, but more importantly, brings you back into hormonal balance.

We will greet each morning with “mindful” Qi Gong exercises!

Eva with us will be the one from Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, USA, practice a method for dealing with stress through mindfulness - mindfulness-based stress reduction, or "MBSR" for short. With Eva you can look forward to a body journey that will relax and decelerate you with gentle Qi Gong movements and targeted mindfulness meditation.

Yoga in combination with pelvic floor training!

This one especially from Cornelia The developed pelvic floor training provides help with involuntary leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping... if you regularly cannot make it to the toilet "dry"... if you have to urinate excessively... if you have the feeling that “something is wrong with your pelvic floor”. For example, should you have not yet attended a postnatal course after the birth of your children (even after a stomach birth) and some time has now passed -> Good news: it's never too late to take care of your pelvic floor.  The holistic BeBo® concept strives for good trunk stabilization in addition to raising awareness and strengthening the pelvic floor. All muscle groups involved are also included and trained. 

Dhe world of oils

Lucia Etlinger will take you into the world of oils and their (amazing) effectiveness. We're going to really pamper ourselves. We cook a 3-course menu according to the nutritional theory of the 5 elements and use a combination of hormone-active foods and the best essential oils currently available on the market.

Du live ALL-In on a full board basis, of course!

Intermittent fasting + detox juices + rituals + massage + hormone cocktails and NinXia party + anamnesis according to TCM + cooking with the hormones + Mediterranean cuisine interpreted therapeutically + brain food + nutrition during menopause

Kroatia and cruise

Mallorca and villa


We are still working on these program items so that we can offer them to you!

We need your help for this. Are you interested in singing or writing as therapy? 

7 Day Hormone Retreat
for the woman during, before and after the transition

Charlie's Angels


self-determined, healthy, fulfilled...


finally... be you!

For registration

Attention: limited number of participants!


will be announced later

Participation fee:

One-off payment upon registration:         €  ….   

Early birders                               €  ….    

Early bird bonus until:                ……

Kick start:

Live video: …………..        (Duration, approx. 1.5 hours)

We will inform you at least 14 days before the start of your trip

theDdetailed program!

Getting there:

The participation fee does not include travel costs.

Please organize your arrival yourself.


We are happy that you are there!



Schwimmen im ruhigen Meer

Program excerpts beyond the aforementioned content focuses: 

Cooking with hormones... serotonin food... 5-element cuisine according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine... intermittent fasting... hormone yoga... breathwork... hatha yoga... beauty rituals. .. K-Taping... Low Level Laser Therapy... Oil Infused Cocktails... Making Essential Spice Oil and Spice Salt Blends... Neurogymnastics... Meditation... Mental Training... Swimming to Discovery your body spaces... NinXia Red Party... Activity... Laughter as therapy... and it's getting more every day... 

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