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Früchte und Gemüse


You are what you eat!

"I'm (not) in the mood..."

What happened to you? Your period has stopped and you're only 45?

That can't be possible... no, you're far too young for that...

It's time to face the truth…you are a woman in transition! Nice to meet you!!

You've banned all scales from the house, but one keeps popping up somewhere and wants attention? Damn thing, take care of your broken display!

Where did your waspish waist go... what's with those fatty deposits?! Especially on your stomach...


Losing weight... and  we're not just talking a couple of kilos any more... please tell me how!
Nothing works anymore - you halve your portions, exercise as usual... it's not making any difference!

Can someone please turn down the heating...?! You don't know what's worse: waking up - if you've been able to sleep lately - bathed in sweat and wanting to change yourself and your bedding, or at work, breaking out in a sweat from one second to the next, drenching your clothes! In front of the customer of course!!

No, I'm not nervous! ITS THE MENOPAUSE!!!

And how's your skin looking lately... you can use the most expensive face cream, but nothing really helps. A moment later its gone and the wrinkles are playing poker on your face.

Where has my life gone?

Did you know that your liver needs a break every now and then?

We at BRAINFOOD MOVES can develop a liver detox program with you...then you can say goodbye to that extra weight and those unwanted fatty deposits - and they will move on to somebody who doesn't know about BRAINFOODMOVES yet!

Please don't be alarmed, but...every hot flash does something to your brain...and I hate to say's not anything good!

You only have a certain window of time to intervene... and put the brakes on your mental and physical decline.

We know how to groove with your hormones and are on first-name terms with your neurotransmitters, especially the happiness hormone serotonin, is one of our best friends.

BRAINFOODMOVES is so much more than a program, a retreat, coaching...

BRAINFOODMOVES is a promise and will take you further...

“... in the mood for life!”

"You want your life back?

It's about time! Come get it!"

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