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You are what you think!

"That's impossible ...
No it's not and we'll prove it to you!"

"You ask yourself why you didn't become aware of the many possiblities that can change your future... until the menopause arrived. You see...thank goodness for the menopause!


Where are things starting to get uncomfortabe, what doesn't fit property any more? Are there systems that rob you of energy or simply don't serve you any more - but somehow you still can't manage to change them?


Can you admit to yourself that your relationship is making you unhappy and that you want to end it permanently or do you want to heal together with your partner?


Is your job driving you to despair and just doesn't do justice to your talents? Your employer doesn't value you and Monday mornings fill you with dread?


Can you still look at yourself in the mirror or are you already listening to the malicious whispers of your non-existent self-esteem and have long since lost sight of what really defines you, who you actually are and what makes you lovable and unique in this world?










Have you ever heard that we can change our neural networks?

​Yes, exactly, you can do it too!!

​Simply reroute the cables in your brain... that's one of the things we do at BRAINFOODMOVES 

Can you imagine what this means for your old, possibly unhealthy and unhappy habits?

​Join us on a journey through your brain and its unimagined possibilities.

I promise you, this trip will change your life!

"What if anything was possible?

You could wish for anything?

No, not more spiritual nonsense, this is based on the latest findings in neuroscience!"

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