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Menopause Mastery
Online training to become menopause-expert


presents his unique holistic training program to become a menopause expert

6 modules in 12 weeks

Super Health Food

Module 1) 

Welcome in your new life!

Module 2)

“Befree your liver” – let go of what you don’t need!

Module 3)

Soupy, saucey, juicy… your middle will thank you - An introduction to the menopause diet!

Module 4)

Are you already in control of your hormones or are you in control of your hormones?still you?

Module 5)

BRAINFOOD - are you still thinking or are you already yawning?

Module 6)

The big picture - welcome to your new life!

Interaction of all 3 pillars


Each module is always a combination of all 3 vital pillars in order to meet the holistic standards of BRAINFOODMOVES.

Each module is designed with units/content/training sequences by our experts, Cornelia Frischauf, Eva Neumayer, Birgit Ofner.


In addition, each module will also include a training sequence on “essential oils and how they affect the body, mind and soul”.Lucia Etlinger will introduce the participants to the world of essential oils and their use in the kitchen in general as well as in the fight against hormonal fluctuations and the symptoms of our menopause.


Guest lectures are continually planned. The program item “Change of Perspective”, lectures and philosophizes by/withTheresa Grüll  - Consulting for change processes professionally and privately - is already fixed. We are constantly trying to find more interesting guest speakers specifically for the various focus areas of the modules.

We have put together an incomparable training and/or self-awareness program for you.

Rejoice, among other things on expert lectures, comprehensive, exciting scripts, selected articles, extensive recipe collections, interesting food knowledge and a wide range of accompanying literature for further self-study.


Our team.


in connection with the 3 vital pillars BRAIN FOOD MOVES

to achieve wholeness

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