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Your trusty companion on your menopause journey

Entering a new phase of life? Find a new lifestyle to match!

We have great news for you:
You belong to a new generation of women!

Let me tell you a story...

When Oprah Winfrey was 48 years old, she started to develop cardiac arrhythmia. She had the best cardiologists in the business, but none of these top doctors could pinpoint what was wrong.

They ran a battery of tests, no expense or effort was spared, but Oprah's heart complaints remained a mystery. At some point she mentioned her cardiac arrhythmia to her personal trainer, who asked whether it could be a sign of the menopause. “Menopause?” said Oprah, “Me? No, my periods are still super regular.” But the seed had been planted in her mind and she decided to talk to her cardiologist about it. He laughed and said that if that was the case, she was seeing the wrong doctor - that wasn't his field! Some time later, Oprah stumbled upon a book written by a renowned gynecologist who had pioneered menopause education in the 1990s. Oprah sought advice and treatment from her – and five days later her symptoms were gone.


This story teaches us a few things:

Firstly, starting in your mid-forties, you can have regular periods despite undergoing hormonal changes that may become noticeable in other organs first. A regular period doesn't necessarily mean

the perimenopause hasn't arrived.

Secondly, as is often the case with women's issues, we have to start at square one - even in the 21st century there is still a dearth of education and information when it comes to understanding the woman's cycle and the role of hormones - their formation, function and variability. Perhaps this is because we are maneuvering through the shallow waters of subjects that are still taboo in some circles, but it is also due to the role and status that women occupy in society by and large. 

Thirdly, after developing and finally achieving an understanding of ourselves as mensturating beings, with all that that entails, we lose it with it again when we hit 45+ . At BRAINFOODMOVES, we like to talk about what phenomena and sensations await us in the pre-/peri-/menopause and postmenopause, collecting and building on the knowledge that already exists about them so we can share it with you in our workshops, retreats, training courses and more...

finally... be you!

Gain new knowledge... achieve awareness...

self-determined, healthy, successful, fulfilled...

Luxuriöses Zuhause

7 Day Hormone Retreat
for women before, during and after the transition

Charlie's Angels


"In the personal coaching sessions, BRAINFOODMOVES enlightened me about the mind-behavior gap, and I now know how to overcome the gap between knowledge and action.
I finally trust that I
I will consistently follow my new path."

Eliza C., Vienna

I am not an actual angel - although I'm sure you will begin to understand the significance of the angel as you make your way through my website - but it seems I was in the just right place at the right time for you to find me.

So whether you believe in fate or "just" came across this page in search of advice and support...









My name is Birgit Ofner and I am the founder of BRAINFOODMOVES.

Before you read on, I would like to give you a few truths and tips for using this website.

It is evolving and growing and will continue to expand, as you will notice

if you stop by regularly to pick up a our latest

articles, news, wisdom and events.


Before we continue, I'd like to recommend a book that shouldn't be missing from the library

of any modern and open-minded family:


"Woman on Fire" - Everything You Need to Know About the Marvelous Menopause -

by Dr. med. Sheila de Liz, gynecologist and bestselling author.

I would like to thank Sheila de Liz for the groundbreaking truths about our menopause and for the congenial texts, word combinations and games, some of which I have adopted 1:1.

Thanks to intensive support we provide, I now count many of my clients among my close friends.
I look forward to our retreat game evenings (Activity is one of my favorite board games) ... when we make the pots sing during the shared cooking workshop (MEAT&EAT) ... or perform "Proud Mary"

- me "Ike", you "Tina" - in the karaoke bar under the palm trees... but at the latest when we watch the sun go down in the swimming pool with a hormone cocktail in the hand in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And yes... I am a feminist, not from the very early days, but I gew up with the fight for women's rights and gender neutrality. I therefore use, following the English model, 

the feminine form of address for all genders. 

I hope we'll see each other again and often - at my next retreat, workshop,

maybe in the online training from September or on this website!

I look forward it!


in the


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