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We areThe company by women, for women and support women in all areashases of their lives, especially around the menopause, which once again turns everything in life upside down.Because not Women's menopause is wrongly referred to as the "second puberty". 

We have learned from our own experience in supporting our clients that many women in the perimenopause receive inadequate advice and, above all, there is a lack of individual and holistic solutions to meet the challenges of the climacteric.

BRAINFOODMOVES offer a wide range of services to help women emerge safely from the hormonal transition process, which very often feels like skydiving without a parachute, back into their bodies, into their relationships, into their lives. 

Even though nothing is as it was before and never will be again...

It is good!


...And like your new wonderful life

- we at BRAINFOODMOVES call it an "upgrade" - will look like?

Let's talk!  

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