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Be free your liver


presents an eggnunique 21-dayprogram for

Purification, detoxification, relief of your organ circle liver & Gallbladder

"Be free your Leabout"

Let go of what you don't need!

We have chosen a special time for this

Start of your transformation program selected:


New moon / full moon


21 days … Exciting content based on the latest findings in neuroscience and nutritional science.

Knowledge awaits you! Knowledge researched for you, experienced and taught by our experts and brought together into this unparalleled program... intended for your change.

21 days …

... intensive cleaningng… your liver must be worth it!

MEET&EAT with us in numerous practical videos, guided cooking sessions to guide you through the days of this cleanse.

Get to know TEM (Traditional European Medicine), the counterpart to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - BRAINFOODMOVES prefers local foods and herbs in order to be able to ideally respond to your Western constitution and your slightly different needs.

Stay tuned for week 3, where we will introduce you to your future age-appropriate world of enjoyment after days of deprivation, an enjoyable modern diet.   


21 days …

... in the end it's the result that counts, but the often difficult path to get there is, as we all know, the goal!

Do you know the feeling between being aware of how it actually works and still not being able to do anything? We help you overcome the temptations of               To resist the mind-behavior gap so that you can successfully apply your new knowledge and achieve the change you want in the long term.


21 days …

... with BRAINFOODMOVES always by your side!

... we will work with you on a 3-day re:set of your old, possibly illness-causing habits and reinvent your vital areas:



brings “mindfulness” into all areas of your life!

Eva Neumayer leads through a unique relaxation program that is Qi-GongChinese meditation-, concentration- and form of movement to cultivate the body and mind - combined with MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction),

... we give your pelvic floor the attention it deserves. Yoga midwife Cornelia Frischauf, the inventor of this special technique that combines pelvic floor training with yoga, makes all her knowledge about the pelvic floor available to you and works with you to develop your individual program that will get your pelvic floor going again. already know that the female brain is different from the male brain, but do you also know that a woman's brain changes during menopause?


Do you think you still have a little time?

Women go through menopause from the age of 38! Be ready for your upgrade into the better half of your life and get the knowledge about transition-friendly nutrition that you need to avoid the cabinet of curiosities of the menopause,

… to be continued …


It wiA wonderful team will accompany you through the program. We are there for you with all our knowledge and experience and with a lot of heart and passion to help you achieve your personal goal.

Detailed process

Blackberry and Lemon Detox_edited.jpg

Be free your liver
readGet rid of what you don't need!

21-day program, accompanyingIntroduction via ZOOM 

BRAINFOODMOVES presents a unique 21-day program for

Purification, detoxification, relief of your organ circle liver & Gallbladder


To start: 3-day LIVE module
finds Freevery day and Saturday and Sunday all day via ZOOM

12 sequences via ZOOM

Mindful Qi-Gong, pelvic floor YOGA, MEET&EAT


The exact times and detailed program will be announced later.

At least the onboarding takes place 1 week before the start.  

Q&A every Friday evening.



in connection with the 3 vital pillars BRAIN FOOD MOVES

to achieve wholeness

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