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There are around 4.5 million women living in Austria (50.7% of the total population).

In 2022, the average age of an Austrian women was 43.2 years old.

(Source: Population by age/gender - STATISTICS AUSTRIA).

BRAINFOOD moves women aged 38 and over

and accompanies them in the second half of their lives.

We take a unique and holistic approach encompassing individual coaching, the workshop, the group retreat and online education.

3 Vital Pillars

- Woman in transition - 


Neuroplasticity is the ability of synapses, nerve cells or even entire areas of the brain to change their anatomy and function depending on how they are used in order to optimise ongoing processes. Our neuronal plasticity ensures that our brain is constantly able to adapt.

The (ever-changing) things we consider important cause certain connection patterns to develop in our brain. That means: Change is always possible!


A modern nutritional concept based on the latest findings of nutritional science combines the millennia-old nutritional theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the original therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, and promotes the body's own production of hormones and neurotransmitters - especially serotonin.


Taking proactive steps to address the "mind-behavoir gap" - the gap that lies between knowing and doing - by taking the first and most important step and learning to stick with it, i.e. maintaining continuity and perseverance - can turn the change your desire from a wish into reality!

Frauen in schwarzen Hemden

Methodology in action

Cooking with hormones... Serotonin food... 5-element cooking according to traditional Chinese medicine... Nutritional advice based on TEM, based on an individual needs... Intermittent fasting... Hormone yoga... Fascia yoga... Hatha yoga... Massage... Pelvic floor training... K-taping... hypnosis... Low-level laser therapy... Natural hormone therapy ... Qi-Gong - MBSR course ... (Cooking with) essential oil(s) ... Oil infused cocktails ... Making essential spice oil and spice salt mixtures ... Beautrituale... Neurogymnastics... Reframing... Meditation... Soul healing sessions... Empowerment coaching... Mental training... Extended perception... Reading in the morphic field... Red tent... Singing therapy... Writing therapy... Swimming... Breathwork... NingXia red party... Find your ikigai, find your passion... Stromwerk... Laughter... And there is more every day... create your individual holistic transformation package with BRAINFOODMOVES.

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