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You move, therefore you are!

“But all knowledge in the world won't help you if you don't get that butt in gear!”

You've already done countless coaching sessions, you know exactly how it works *in theory* but you still just can't get going?

That's right where BRAINFOODMOVES comes in. We'll be there by your side through the change.

We can take that difficult first step with you, go through the process with you and live the change with you - until it feels good!

Why should you book into the mood camp“Charlie’s Angels” by BRAINFOODMOVES?

We all consist of body, mind and soul.

You'll go swimming and explore aspects of your physical being with us. By then you will know you are surrounded by an aura that belongs to you alone and makes up a significant part of your being.


You are so much more than your body, you are the infinite power of your thoughts that can change things, make things happen, and move everything... absolutely everything in your life.


You know so much more than you allow yourself to believe!

From now on, with BRAINFOODMOVES you will use more than just 3% of your brain.


You will achieve your goals!

Getting your menopausal symptoms under control is the smallest of your problems.

"You're looking for a healthier, happier and
more successful version of you?"

Just remember: Do you want to keep struggling on through without knowing “why”?

“Knowing why” now has a name:


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