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"Few women manage to fully bypass the cabinet of curiosities
that are the symptoms of menopause.
Our perception of the perimenopause needs an urgent makeover.
Many women are still needlessly suffering."

At BRAINFOODMOVES we understand women!

Come to us with your needs surrounding all things menstruation! 

And then we can start looking for individual solutions together. 

With professional expertise, years of experience, a deep understanding of the bigger picture and a toolbox filled with a wealth of different methods, we'll will show you the way forward and be right by your side on this part of your journey.

Because, as we all know, the first steps are the hardest ones to take.

We have long known that there is only one constant in life - the change!

We power women at BRAINFOODMOVES celebrate this change in a veritable host of ways to give your body, mind and soul an upgrade so you can look forward to the better half of your life!


Your health and well-being are what matters to us! 

For the BRAINFOODMOVES team, Birgit Ofner



Ps.: I am one of you, a woman in transition!

Smashing pumpkins

Once a month your middle name is Godzilla, your husband shakes his head and your teens say...

“Oh no…, Mom’s Aunt Flo has come to visit!”

Let us transform your anger into something that will make “Aunt Flo” an unfeared guest in your home.

At BRAINFOODMOVES we even go so far as to celebrate your period with you.

With the programm “Red Tent Rituals” or as part of our retreat"Charlie's Angels", we will take you on a journey back in time, into the world of long-forgotten rites and old customs.

We'll visit indigenous peoples and see how much we can learn from them. Back to the origins and what that means for our womanhood.

Join us on new, old pathways leading to a different land and join us in our red tent, where there is a place reserved especially for you.

shut up_edited.jpg

Summertime sadness

Shut up and do something... "You're not you when you're hungry"? ...shut up

Our generation still knows the saying from the Snickers commercial.

Depression/aggression... you are not you if the smallest thing makes you turn into a monster or fall into the depths of despair for no reason.

The world has lost its color, everything seems gray. The low mood that hits us during menopause is not something to be trifled with, and it often catches us completely unawares.

If we're unlucky, it can grow into its ugly big sister, real depression. Before reaching for the antidepressants for menopause-related depression, we can start by balancing your hormone levels.

How does it work? Our experts in hormonal exercise, nutrition and mindset have already packed their bags, so pack yours too and take part in our hormone retreat"Charlie's Angels"  and we'll get you estradiol and progesterone back on an even keel.


I can’t get no sleep –
Sleepless from 3am

When is Romeo's school play? Ugh... my ex will be there, she'd better not have PMT... And I need to book that vacation real soon, before I miss the early bird bonus...

From 3 a.m. onwards, small things suddenly become big.

All sorts of things go through your mind - thoughts go round and round in circles, you feel sick to your gut...

Are you a queen of the night and about to order alarm clock no. 365 on Amazon tomorrow?

Your choice of online retailer may be up for discussion, but what we definitely have to work on is your nightly role as the Queen of the Night in your very own performance of The Magic Flute.


Poor sleep quality and menopause are unlikely bedfellows, and yet they often spend years embroiled in an stormy relationship.

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine – speaks of an underlying blocked liver QI.

You can find out what that means, what it has to do with the organ clock, and what you can do about it in“Liberate your liver”, ar holistic program tailored to support your liver health and sleep hygiene...

BRAINFOODMOVES will have the liver wrap ready and waiting for you...


I can't get no satisfaction
and/or pain
during sex

“No, not today, darling… Sometimes it’s nice just to cuddle!”

“I'm not in the mood today sweetheart, shall we just watch a film together?”

Have you also lost your libido? Is your wetland habitat at risk of drying up? What was wet yesterday is bone dry today?

So much so that you can't think of sex without the pain that comes with it and you just can't be doing with lubricants...

Loss of libido, clitoral numbness, dryness... all of these are also phenomena we experience in peri- and postmenopause, not to mention a significant dropoff in energy.

Here's to the friendship betweenLucy aka testosterone andDrew aka estrogen!!! Shake it baby! Here is it, your new hormone cocktail!!

The hormone specialists, movement therapists and nutrition coaches at BRAINFOODMOVES know what these hormone-driven, demanding ladies need, and have put everything together to create a unique program just for you:

Charlie's Angels ”.

I don't like to move it, move it

You feel old! Do you wake up in the morning and everything hurts?

Do your joints crack and creak when you walk up the stairs?

If you start having joint pain of uncertain origin, your first thought is of your orthopedist or family doctor.

BRAINFOODMOVES' first thought is of your gynecologist and that your problems may be of hormonal origin.


BRAINFOODMOVES, what is that, you wonder? First of all, it is much more than simple coaching, or the nutritional concept developed by our experts in nutrition, motion and mind that is tailored precisely to your hormonal balance.

BRAINFOODMOVES is your new lifestyle! And it'll have you conquering the Inca city of Machu Picchu at the age of 85 - without joint pain!


Somebody bring me some water

Your son is playing Romeo in the school play, and you want to rip your blouse off with the next hot flash, but at the same time you want to feel the raccoon funflippers (you know, those animal slippers) against your ice-cold feet?

Heat in the torso, chilblains in your limbs... welcome to the “hot flash” club?

“Heeeeeelp” your body screams, but your ovaries are wearing earpods and deaf to the call of your hypothalamus – our very own Charlie (more about Charlie later).

Hot flashes, the hallmark of the menopause, no longer need to be a problem.

Let's have a serious word with yourDrew (we'll find out who Drew is later), and in the future you'll no longer flash "through the night and wind".

Choose our menopause program TODAY - tomorrow, as experience has shown, Charlie could be on the other side of the world - and the train has left the station in the truest sense of the word,

You only have a certain window of time to make the changes your body needs.

You can find out about about the “golden time window” and much more in the hormone retreat “Charlie's Angels ".


Crime scene

You're losing so much blood that you can hardly leave the bathroom and you have to change your XXL tampon, which is, incidentally, hard to get hold of these days, several times an hour. “Bloodbath” or “battlefield” would be a more accurate way to describe it.

Like PMT from hell, XXL bleeding will finally be a thing of the past.

We see each other at our/your hormone retreat"Charlie's Angels".

Stuck in the middle of you 

The zipper on your jeans bursts open... and who the hell sewed the shirts tighter overnight? You exercise twice a week, haven't changed your diet, but the scales are sounding the alarm! What the devil is going on?


This time there is no shifting the flab that has made itself at home on the stomach by going on yet another diet.

Why is it that the kilos stubbornly refuse to budge and force your hips to surrender...

“Liberate your liver”– BRAINFOODMOVES doesn’t have to invent a new program for this one.

Our fasting experts will help you detoxify your liver to melt away the extra pounds and get your bikini figure back on track... soon!


... and there's more!

Your skin itches and is bone dry... you could literally scratch it off your body?
Inexplicable skin sensations!

In the evening your swollen ankles feel like they're about to burst and can compete with the size of your thighs?
Unwanted water retention!

Do you feel like your brain is made of cotton wool, you can't retain information and keep forgetting stuff?
Concentration and memory problems!

Is your head going to explode again today?
Headaches, even migraines from hell!

The beat of a drum that your body no longer follows?
Your heart is going haywire, you're suffering from cardiac arrhythmias!

Over- or under-function... your hormones are going crazy?
Thyroid dysfunction!

11, 12, 13... more facial hair... 13, 12, 11... less hair down there... the kerotene treatment is missing the point.
A beard on you face but thinning pubic hair!

​Hop onboard with BRAINFOODMOVES and decide today that you are worth it - to you and your loved ones... That you deserve to change what's making you sick and unhappy, what's making relationships so tough, wearing them down... breaking them up.
When I talk about relationships, I mean first and foremost your relationship with yourself. And only then your relationships with others, which are undoubtedly also being tested to the limit, possibly beyond repair.
Our menopause experts can help you find your new path, and will be by your side, will carry you if you need it, as your make your way towards a happier and healthier you.
We've assembled a first aid kit for your journey, with everything you might need, because it will be a journey - and what a journey it will be... and when you emerge on the other side... where your light shines brightly and you can breathe easy, you will notice... the journey was the reward! Every single meter was worth walking, the changes of direction, the laughing with fear, the crying with happiness... pack your suitcase and set off on the wonderful adventure towards the best half of your life.

Finally... be you!

for your upgrade


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