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Papaya: Sweet and healthy

... constipation, flatulence, upset stomach, cancer prevention, "fruit for weight loss", strengthens the immune system, helps with deacidification...

It's Friday lunchtime! This evening I'm going to have a wonderful meal with my loved one, so what do I take for lunch: A papaya, the fruit of the "Tree of Health"? and also called “the fruit of a long life”.

What would I like to tell you about the papaya today?

Above all, it tasted excellent and I shared it with my work colleagues.

The papaya is a so-called superfood and a true treasure of healthy cuisine!

The abundant papain in particular is beneficial for a healthy metabolism, helps burn fat and breaks down proteins into amino acids.

Undigested proteins are a main reason for impaired immune system, digestive disorders and their consequences.

The seeds of the papaya are also rich in papain and other important nutrients. That's why you definitely shouldn't just throw them away!

Use them instead to refine salads, or make a mild and healthy substitute for pepper.

The seeds of the papaya have a mild spiciness and are therefore ideal for seasoning dishes. You can also take the extraordinary enzyme papain as a relatively expensive dietary supplement. However, using the cores is much cheaper and also more sustainable.

I'll tell you about healthy pepper made from papaya seeds and how it's made in my next newsletter - click here to register.


Further information worth knowing about papayas in general and in detail - ingredients, origin, preparation tips, recipe ideas, etc. - I found it for you on the link below.


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